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in the Spotlight: Yostand at HK fair

No matter it is HKTDC or Global Sources, Yostand sales crew can be found on both venues wearing their signature white T-shirt (a Qi logo on the back), ethusiastically introducing our newly-launched wireless chargers. Carmin and Michelle (photo taken at Global Sources booth 2018/04) Group Photo taken at HKTDC 2018/04 Just as the company culture we uphold in Yostand, sharing, learning, team spirit are the 3 pillars in team-building. Each one of us truly believe if everybody puts some efforts in, even [...]

Talk of the Town: 2018 Spring Electronic Fair in HK

“The world’s thinniest wireless charging pad, 6.9mm only!” “Have you guys checked out this at Yostand’s booth”? Everybody is talking about wireless chargers nowadays ever since the release of the new Phone, and Yostand really is ahead of the game. Below are some new design patented models that are most sought-after: Air: Ultra Slim: 6.9mm Only (World’s Thinnest) QiCable: 2 in 1 Wireless Charging Pad (with Luminous Logo Display Option) and can Charge 2 Devices Simultaneously   Blade4000W: 2 in 1 Wireless Power Bank with [...]